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Principles of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Programming Resources

Java Resources

LISP Resources

  • Practical Lisp Programming
  • An Introduction and Tutorial for Common Lisp, Marty Hall>
  • Allegro Common Lisp from Franz, Inc.
  • Some Good Lisp Books
    • Forbus, K. D. & de Kleer, J. Building Problem Solvers. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. (1993).
    • Graham, P. ANSI Common Lisp. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall (1995).
    • Graham, P. On Lisp (downloadable). Prentice Hall (1993).
    • Norvig, P., Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming -- Case Studies in Common Lisp. Palo Alto, CA: Morgan Kaufmann (1992).
    • Siebel, P. Practical Common LISP (downloadable). Apress. (2005).
    • Watson, M. Loving Lisp (downloadable) (see the Open Content link)
    • Queinnec, C. Lisp in Small Pieces. Cambridge University Press (2003).

Prolog Resources

  • Prolog Programming, Roman Bartak
  • Prolog Books
    • Blackburn, P., Bos, J. and Striegnitz, K. Learn PROLOG Now! College Publications (2007).
    • Bramer, M. Logic Programming with Prolog. Springer (2005).
    • Bratko, I. Prolog Programming for Artificial Intelligence. Addison Wesley. (2000).
    • Clockskin, W. and Mellish, C. Programming in PROLOG. Springer (2003).
    • Clocksin, W. Clause and Effect: PROLOG Programming for the Working Programmer. Springer (1997).