My research examines how racial, gender, and class identities shape the ways in which the African Diaspora appropriates information and communication technologies (ICT). The goal of my ongoing research is to theorize and empirically identify those salient problem domains and practices that inspire Black people throughout the world to engage with ICT. My research has been supported by five NSF grants (including the prestigious NSF CAREER award), equipment grants from Verizon Wireless and the Oracle Help Us Help Foundation, AmeriCorps VISTA, and six internal Penn State awards.

National Science Foundation

Division of Human Resource Development

$245,000 for GSE/RES: Collaborative Research: Practical Logic of STEM Career Choice: A Critical Interpretive Approach to Profiling IT Career Pathways of African American Males at HBCUs, Lynette Kvasny (PI), Eileen Trauth (Co-PI) (2012-2015).

$508,000 for GSE/RES: Exploration of the Effects of Race, Ethnicity and Socio-economic Class on Gender Stereotyping of STEM Discipline. Eileen Trauth (PI), KD Joshi, Lynette Kvasny, and Jan Mahar (Co-PIs)(2007-2010).

Faculty Early Career Development Award

$450,000 for CAREER: Broadening the Participation of Underrepresented Groups in the Information Society. Lynette Kvasny (PI)(2003-2008).

Penn State

Social Science Research Institute

$20,000 for Hospital Electronic Health Record Systems and Performance: Time Effects and Potential Disparities, N. Fareed (PI), R. Belue, and L. Kvasny (2016-2017)

Children, Youth and Family Consortium

$5,000 for Intergenerational Learning Using IT in Low-Income, African American Families. Lynette Kvasny (PI), Rhonda Belue, James Kiwanuka-Tondo, Fay Payton (2006).

Economic and Workforce Development Advisory Team

$15,000 for Creation of an Internet-based GIS Driven Jobs Networking Application in West Philadelphia. Lakshman Yapa (PI), Matt Kelley and Lynette Kvasny (2006).

Africana Research Center

$10,000 for African Diaspora. Sinfree Makoni (PI), James Stewart, Kidane Mengisteab and Lynette Kvasny (2004-2005).

$5,000 for Understanding the Digital Divide in Inner City Environments: A Tale of Two Cities. Lynette Kvasny (PI) and Roderick Lee (2003).

Office of Undergraduate Education

$10,000 for Building Community and Capacity through Learning and Education using Action Research (B-CCLEAR). Michael Rios(PI), Ian Baptiste, Lynette Kvasny, Scott Wing and Lakshman Yapa (2003).

College of IST Seed Grant

$10,000 for Discrimination in the IT Labor Market? An Audit Study of Race and Institution in the Employment Seeking Process, L. Kvasny(PI), A. Pinter, F.C. Payton (2016-2017)

$5,000 for Using Social Media to Tailor HIV/AIDS Health Messages for College Students in Cameroon. Lynette Kvasny (PI) and Carleen Maitland (2009).

Verizon Wireless

$500 mobile phone donation for Discrimination in the IT Labor Market? An Audit Study of Race and Institution in the Employment Seeking Process.L. Kvasny (PI) and A. Pinter, 2017

Help Us Help Foundation (Oracle)

$11,000 in equipment and services for Project Genesis, Lynette Kvasny and Roderick Lee (2003).

AmeriCorps VISTA

$75,000 for Belmont Community‚ÄźUniversity Partnership (BelCUP). Michael Rios(PI), Ian Baptiste, Lynette Kvasny, Lakshman Yapa (2003-2005)