IST 210 Organization of Data

IST 210 aims to prepare students for obtaining fundamental understanding on the database concepts and practical skills to analyze and implement a well-defined database design. In particular, IST 210 provides an introduction to physical database design, data modeling, relational model, logical database design, SQL query language, and instructors’ choices on database applications and advanced concepts. Students will learn to use a real-world commercial or open-source database management system, too. Upon taking IST 210, students should be able to understand the implications and future directions of databases and database technologies.
* Taught in fall'12, spring'13, fall'13, fall'14, spring'16.

IST 557 Data Mining: Techniques and Applications

This course on data mining will cover methodology, major software tools and applications in this field. By introducing principal ideas in statistical learning, the course will help students to understand conceptual underpinnings of methods in data mining. Considerable amount of effort will also be put on computational aspects of algorithm implementation. To make an algorithm efficient for handling very large scale data sets, issues such as algorithm scalability need to be carefully analyzed.
* Taught in fall'13, fall'14, fall'15, fall'16, fall'17, fall'19.
Me with my students in IST 210 class, spring, 2016