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Data Science for Researchers and Scholars

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DS 597: Data Science for Researchers and Scholars


The following gives a tentative list of topics to be covered in the course (not necessarily in the order in which they will be covered).Detailed study guide, including lecture slides, assigned readings can be found here. Assignments and projects are posted on Canvas.

  • Lecture 1. What is data science?
  • Lecture 2. Mathematical preliminaries.
  • Lecture 3: Python for Data Science
  • Lecture 4: Statistical analysis
  • Lecture 5: Data Representation
  • Lecture 6: Exploratory Analysis: Data Clustering
  • Lecture 7: Data Visualization
  • Lecture 8: Predictive Modeling
  • Lecture 9: Linear Algebra for Data Analysis
  • Lecture 10: Probabilistic (generative) models)
  • Lecture 11: Evaluating classifiers
  • Lecture 12: Decision Trees
  • Lecture 13: Logistic Regression and regularized logistic regression
  • Lecture 14: Multi-Class Generative and Discriminative Models
  • Lecture 15: Kernel Machines: Kernel Logistic Regression
  • Lecture 16: Kernel Machines: Kernel Design
  • Lecture 17: Ensemble Methods: Random Forests
  • Lecture 18: Deep Learning: Multi-layer Neural Networks and Backpropagation algorithm
  • Lecture 19: Representation Learning: Autoencoders and Deep Neural Networks
  • Lecture 20: Responsible Data Science
  • Lecture 21: Analysis of Sensitive Data
  • Lecture 22: Bias and Fairness
  • Synthesis: Important ideas in machine learning
  • Lecture 23: Causal Inference from experiments and observations
  • Lecture 24: Causal Inference from causal models
  • Lecture 25: Causal Inference using Machine Learning
  • Lecture 26: Review
  • Project Presentations

Course Materials


  • IST peer tutoring program provides a space for students to enhance their knowledge of course topics in an engaging setting. Group Tutoring sessions are held on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7:00 to 10:00pm in Westgate E203. Tutoring sessions occur in an individual or small group setting that is led by a student with expertise in that course. Tutors will aid students by clarifying course concepts rather than re-teaching course material. Peer tutoring is available for 100 and 200 level courses taught within The College of IST. Many higher-level courses are also supported. Tutoring begins on the week of August 28th, 2022. For additional information, visit the tutoring services.
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