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I am fortunate to work with some very talented and dedicated students.

Current Members

       Tianxiang Zhao (Ph.D., Aug 2019 )

       Dongsheng Luo (Ph.D., Aug 2017 )

       Dongkuan Xu (Ph.D., Aug 2017 )

       Yaowei Yan (Ph.D., Jan 2016 )


       Yuchen Bian (Ph.D., Graduated in 2019)

o   Dissertation: Local Community Detection on Complex Networks

o   First employment: Researcher, Baidu Silicon Valley AI Lab

       Jingchao Ni (Ph.D., Graduated in 2018)

o   Dissertation: Integrative Methods for Robust Network Analysis

o   First employment: Researcher, NEC Labs America

       Yubao Wu (Ph.D., Graduated in 2016)

o   Dissertation: Efficient and Effective Local Algorithms for Analyzing Massive Graphs

o   First employment: Assistant Professor, Georgia State University