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The Lions Lunch Seminar is a meeting for faculty, graduate students, and researchers interested in Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE). Contact Dinghao Wu () if you need more info or would like to give a talk.

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Spring 2013

Tuesday 12:30-1:30PM at Room 209 IST
February 19, 2013 Na Wang An Online Experiment of Privacy Authorization Dialogues for Social Applications Abstract , CSCW 2013 paper
March 5, 2013 TBD

Fall 2012

Tuesday 12-1PM at Room 209 IST
September 18, 2012 Fangfang Zhang A First Step Towards Algorithm Plagiarism Detection ISSTA 2012 paper
September 25, 2012 Na Li Instant Annotation: Early Design Experiences in Supporting Cross-Cultural Group Chat Abstract , Paper
October 2, 2012 Dayu Yuan Indexing Graph Databases for Graph Containment Search Abstract
October 9, 2012 Smitha Sundareswaran Detecting Malicious co-resident VMs indulging in cache-channel based covert attacks Abstract
October 16, 2012 Fangfang Zhang (Anonymized due the requirement of anonymous paper submission, will update later.)
October 23, 2012 Alan Nochenson Simulation and game-theoretic analysis of an attacker-defender game Abstract
October 30, 2012 Cancelled Cancelled Due to Hurricane Sandy
November 6, 2012 Mingyi Zhao Modeling and Checking the Security of DIFC System Configurations Abstract
November 13, 2012 TBD
November 20, 2012 - Thanksgiving - - Thanksgiving -

Spring 2012

Thursday 12-1PM at Room 215 IST
February 2, 2012 Donghai Tian Kruiser: Semi-synchronized Non-blocking Concurrent Kernel Heap Buffer Overflow Monitoring Abstract , NDSS 2012 paper
March 16, 2012 (Room 209 IST) Bill Horne (HP Princeton) Ultrafast Security Event Processing for SIEM Systems Abstract and Bio

Fall 2011

Thursday 12-1PM at Room 209 IST
September 15, 2011 Jiang Ming Linear Obfuscation to Combat Symbolic Execution Abstract
Oct 20 Rachida Parks Understanding the Drivers and Outcomes of Healthcare Organizational Privacy Responses Abstract

Spring 2011

Wednesday 12-1PM at Room 215 IST
Jan 31 (Monday, Room 209) Pan Shi Security Indicator Design in Web Browsers Abstract
Feb 9 Tianzhen Cheng Localizing jamming attacks in wireless sensor networks Abstract
Feb 21 (Monday in Cybertorium) Nicolas Christin (CMU) Understanding online criminals: Two years of trawling for drugs and pornography on the Internet Abstract   Paper
March 9 Spring Break No Talk
March 30, Room 333 Na Wang Facebook Privacy and Security Issues Abstract
April 6, Room 333
April 13, Room 333 Peng Liu LeakProber: A framework for profiling sensitive data leakage paths Abstract
April 20, Room 333 Pan Shi Collective Privacy for a Networked World: Bridging Theory into Design Abstract
April 25 (Monday, Room 215) Dario Salvucci (Drexel) Walk, Text, and Chew Gum: A Computational Approach to Understanding Human Multitasking Abstract & Bio

Fall 2010

Wednesday 12-1PM at Room 209 IST
September 8 Sumit Bhatia A Query Log Oblivious Probabilistic Query Suggestion Mechanism -
September 15 Daniel Hickey Information Retrieval in Libraries: Silos and (Tentative) Solutions Abstract   Slides
September 22 Xi Xiong Preserving Business Continuity and Availability in an Intrusion Recovery System Abstract  
September 29 Jun Dai Time Series Analysis and Prediction Abstract  
October 6 Kevin Morooney and Renee Shuey (ITS, PSU) Identity and Trust Federations Abstract and Bios  
October 13 Shengzhi Zhang Cross-Layer Comprehensive Intrusion Harm Analysis for Production Workload Server Systems Abstract  
October 20 Donghai Tian Integrating Offline Analysis and Online Protection to Defeat Buffer Overflow Attacks Abstract
October 27 Wei Xu Worm detection in online social networks Abstract
November 3 Benjamin Johnson (CMU) Are Security Experts Useful? Bayesian Nash Equilibria for Network Security Games with Limited Information Abstract and Bio
November 10 Mauro Conti (University of Padua, Italy) CRePE: Context-Related Policy Enforcement for Android Abstract and Bio
November 17 Zhi Xu Mirroring Smartphones For Good: A Feasibility Study Abstract
November 24 Thanksgiving No Talk -
December 1 Sencun Zhu Compromise-Resilient Anti-Jamming for Wireless Sensor Networks Abstract
December 7 Smitha Sundareswaran Detecting Web Application Vulnerabilities Using Information Flow Analysis Abstract   Paper

Spring 2010

Tuesday 12:15-1:30PM at Room 209 IST
January 26 Jun Shao (Zhejiang Gongshang University, China) Secure Storage in the Cloud Computing Abstract   Slides  
February 2 Peng Liu Secure Cloud Computing: Anything New? Abstract
February 9 Dinghao Wu Lightweight Concurrent Heap Buffer Overflow Detection Abstract
February 16 Guoray Cai Context-dependent nature of trust, and what to do with it? Abstract
February 23 Sencun Zhu Online Traceback in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: Traceability Analysis and An Efficient Construction Abstract
March 2 Neela Sawant
Lei Yao
Personalized tag recommendation using local interaction network,
Digital Analysis of Painting by Vincent van Gogh and Norval Morrisseau
Abstract (Neela Sawant)
Abstract (Lei Yao)
March 9 Spring Break No Talk
March 16 Donghai Tian & Xi Xiong Protecting Kernel Data Integrity through Virtualization Technology Abstract
March 23 Fengjun Li CAT: a node-failure-resilient anonymous communication protocol Abstract
March 30 John Hill A Changing World Abstract
April 6 Anuj Jaiswal Geographic Contextualization for Accounts of Movement (GeoCAM) Abstract
April 13 Robert Cole Uncertain numbers: an approach for representing epistemic uncertainty in multi-step attack models Abstract
April 20 Deguang Kong Integrating Semantics to Boost Classification Accuracy: A Case Study in Polymorphic Shellcode Attribution Analysis Abstract
April 27 Yi Yang Towards Compromise Resilient Wireless Sensor Networks Abstract