7th Doctoral Consortium on Sociotechnical Issues in Biomedical Informatics

November 14, 2014. Washington, DC

Sponsored by:

American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA)
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National Science Foundation


Applications for participation at the Doctoral Consortium should include:

(a) Please include a letter from your advisor describing the state of your research progress in the application.
(b)  A 5-page description of the applicant’s dissertation research in the AMIA submission format converted to PDF before submission, that includes the following:

  • an extended abstract suitable for publication. The abstract is limited to 2500 total characters, including spaces and punctuation. (This limitation is set to meet AMIA’s guidelines for presentation in the on-site program)
  • formulates the research question
  • identifies the significant problems in the field of research
  • outlines the current knowledge of the problem domain, as well as the state of existing solutions
  • presents any preliminary ideas, the proposed approach, and the results achieved so far
  • sketches the research methodology that is being applied
  • points out the contributions of the applicant to the solution of the problem, and states in what aspects the suggested solution is different, new, or better as compared to existing approaches to the problem
  • presents preliminary results, if any; and
  • discusses problems the applicant would like the consortium to address

 (c)  Submissions should be mailed electronically to amia.phd.consortium@gmail.com by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on September 9, 2014.


Review Process

Submitted papers will be reviewed for originality, significance, technical soundness, accuracy, and clarity. Participants will be chosen with an emphasis on diversity of topics, participants, approaches, and institutions. Admission is limited to 10-12 doctoral students.

Accepted papers will have an extended abstract printed in the AMIA advance and onsite programs. The papers will also be listed on the Colloquium website.


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