7th Doctoral Consortium on Sociotechnical Issues in Biomedical Informatics

November 14, 2014. Washington, DC

Sponsored by:

American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA)
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National Science Foundation


The AMIA Doctoral Consortium aims to support the research done by doctoral students through constructive remarks and feedback from prominent researchers and association with other students. The following issues are examined:

  • Formulating the problem
  • Analyzing and evaluating the state of the project
  • Describing research methodologies, including underlying principles of approaches
  • Discussing utility of the approach, as well as validation of the results
  • Critically evaluating one's own work, including identifying the target audience and beneficiaries
  • Defining the contribution

The Consortium will conclude with a discussion of general issues related to doctoral research, including mentor relationships, writing strategies, and job searches.

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