Madhu C.Reddy, Ph.D.

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I am interested in a variety of research problems at the intersections of medical informatics and CSCW.  Below are a list of my current and completed research projects.
Almost all my projects are within the healthcare context. If you are interested in working with me on any of my current projects, suggesting a new project, or extending a
completed project, please e-mail me.


Collaborative Clinical Decision-Making
R-CAST-MED: Agent Based Collaborative Decision Support System (completed)

Collaborative Information Behavior
Studying Collaborative Information Seeking in Different Cultures (on-going)
Studying the Information Needs of Multidisciplinary Patient Care Teams (on-going)
Examining the Role of Cognition in Collaborative Information Seeking (on-going)
Exploring the Collaborative Information Seeking Activities of Health IT Teams (completed)
Understanding and Supporting Collaborative Sensemaking (completed)

HIT and Workflows
Examining the Electronic Medical Record and Clinical Collaboration (on-going)
CPP: Studying Collaborative Privacy Practices in Clinical Settings (on-going)
Studying Non-Clinical Users of Electronic Medical Records (on-going)

Exploring Information Accuracy in Healthcare Communication and Documentation (on-going)
The Use of Wireless Alert Pagers: A Workflow Study (completed)
The Role of HIT in Critical Access Hospitals (completed)
Studying Patient Transfers in Hospitals (completed)
Crises Response: Coordination between First Responders and ED (completed)

Health Behaviors
Controlling Excessive Gestational Weight Gain: A Smartphone Intervention (on-going)
Feasibility and Acceptability of an Online, Interactive Body Mass Index Parental Notification Letter (e-BMI) (on-going)
AchieveTogether - Habits and Role Models - based weight loss website (completed)

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