Wrapper - An Application for Use in Information Searching Studies

The Wrapper is a freeware tool, with its source code readily available for noncommercial use. It thus provides researchers with the flexibility of modifying the Wrapper according to the research requirements and at the same time, using the Wrapper as is for immediate implementation in user studies.

Disclaimer: The Wrapper was created with the sole aim of providing the research community, with a valuable tool for Web usage tracking for use in research, particularly with user studies involving Web information systems. The author or the author's installation shall not be liable for damages or costs of any type arising out of or in any way connected with the use of or the misuse of this tool. (Basically, you're on your own.)

1. Download Wrapper A (this version tracks all key board entries)

2. Download Wrapper B (this version tracks only interactions with the browser)

3. Download Wrapper C (coming soon! -- this version tracks user interactions and send these interactions to a server for data logging)

- in beta testing at this moment! Results promising.

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