One of the keys to a successful Master's Program is to reach agreement with your research advisor on an achievable research program and then develop a plan that permits you to achieve that research goal within a given time frame. If you decide that I would be a suitable research advisor for you based on research interests, we will work together to develop a course of studies and research program that will accomplish your goals and be achievable within your timeframe.

Helpful Information Technology for Normal People: If your interest is system design -- including information usage, human computer interaction, or system design -- this is an exciting Masters research project. We are designing and developing information systems that personalize themselves to individual users. We are developing a Web information system that adapts itself based on the specific interactions of an individual, with the aim of improving the effectiveness of the user's search. We are currently in Release 2 of the system, so we are now at the really cutting edge of personalization research. A great time to get involved with the project. Requires some programming, so a working to competent knowledge of JavaScript, Visual Basic, and ASP is needed. However, other research directions for this project are available that do not require programming.

If interested, contact Dr. Jansen.



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