Available Positions

Open Positions

I have multiple open positions at various levels (PhD, Masters, visting scholars, and undergraduate students) to work in the areas of multiagent systems, fair division, matching theory, and in general the intersection of AI and economics. I am especially looking for highly-motivated candidates with strong background in algorithm design and solid programming skills. Prior research experience in the fields of artificial intelligence and algorithm design is an asset. Students with background in economics, mathematics, or other related areas are also encouraged to apply.
If you are interested in joining my group, please complete the following form. There is no need to send me an email separately.

Interested in PhD Positions?

I am always looking to recruit PhD students (fully funded) who are interested in working on projects in algorithmic fairness, multiagent systems, algorithmic game theory, and in general robust intelligence. These projects are primarily funded by the National Science Foundation. Perspective students with background in computer science, economics, operations research, mathematics, or other related areas are encouraged to reach out to me directly (contact) and apply to our graduate program at Penn State.

If you have prior background (or strong interest) in theoretical computer science, algorithm design, or theoretical AI, certainly send me an email asap!

How to apply

Information about our PhD program and how to apply can be found: https://ist.psu.edu/prospective/graduate/phd-informatics
Please also contact me directly if you are planning to apply or if you have any questions.
Deadline: December 15, 2022

In your application package, please make sure to include your interest in working with me!

About the program

Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology offers a doctoral degree in Informatics, and master of science degrees in Informatics and in Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations. Our graduate students receive multidisciplinary training designed to address complex issues grounded in society’s use of information and technology. Learn more about Penn State: https://www.psu.edu/


I am not a fan of university/faculty rankings (long story...), but for those who care:
  • Penn State is ranked ~26 in all areas of computer science and ~19 in AI according to CSRankings.org.
  • I am currently ranked 1 at Penn State in AI according to AIRankings.org and ranked 3 according to CSRankings.org.