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The goal of our interactive portal is to discuss topics that have been relevant to YouTube and the legality of the site. There have been numerous lawsuits popping up against the site with copyright infringement being one of the largest. Some of the most famous suits that we plan to discuss include; Robert Tur v YouTube, Viacom International, Inc. v YouTube, Inc. Through our online portal we will discuss the legal issues that YouTube faces as it progresses into the future. The current legal situation with Youtube will also be covered at length, particularly pending cases such as the pending copyright case with Viacom. The future of YouTube will also be discussed pending the results of the various cases they are currently fighting. The United States, as well as the overall worldwide impact of YouTube will also be highlighted throughout the portal. Topics dealing with the United States include how YouTube has already begun to play a large role in the 2008 presidential election. YouTube has already started to play a key part in the 2008 presidential election. The election is already being regarded as the YouTube election. The fair use and legality of copyrights will also be discussed, in regards to how they tie in with a site such as YouTube.