Principled Side Channel Vulnerability Detection and Mitigation


Side-channel attacks recover secret information by analyzing the physical implementation of cryptosystems based on non-functional computational characteristics, e.g., time, power, and memory usage. Among all wellknown side channels, cache-based timing channels are notoriously severe, leading to practical attacks against certain implementations of theoretically secure crypto algorithms, such as RSA, ElGamal and AES. Such attacks target the hierarchical design of the modern computer memory system, where different memory access patterns of a program can bring observable timing difference. In this project, we systematically study how to detect and mitigate side-channel vulnerabilities.


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National Science Foundation (NSF)Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace (SaTC)

CAREER: Advanced Trace-oriented Binary Code Analysis, Dinghao Wu (PI), National Science Foundation (NSF) CNS-1652790, $494,703, 2017-2022.