Madhu C.Reddy, Ph.D.

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I am an Associate Professor in the College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) and a founding faculty member of the Center for Integrated Healthcare Delivery Systems (CIHDS).

I received my Ph.D. from the Bren School of Information and Computer Science at the University of California, Irvine in what was then the Computing, Organizations, Policy, and Society (now known as Interactive and Collaborative Technologies) group. I had wonderful time at UCI and was lucky enough to work with and learn from some great faculty members (Paul Dourish, Wanda Pratt, John King, Mark Ackerman, Jonathan Grudin, Gloria Mark).

I am interested in understanding how people collaborate with each other during the course of their everyday work and how we can support this collaboration through the development of more effective information technologies. I am particularly interested in collaboration in the healthcare field. Consequently, much of my current research occurs at the intersections of CSCW and Medical Informatics with a focus on two major research topics: (1) collaborative information behavior and (2) collaboration and coordination issues in healthcare at the organizational and team levels.



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Latest News

October 2011
Participated on an panel "Usability of Clinical Systems" at 
AMIA 2011.

"Efficacy of a User-Generated Website for Weight Control using Positive Deviance" was published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. (Co-author)

September 2011
"Investigating Barriers to Electronic Medical Record Use during Collaborative Information Seeking" was accepted as a short paper for IHI'12. (Co-author)

Received an AHRQ grant (1R13HS 021058-01) to support WISH 2011.

Received a NSF Grant to support the 2011 Doctoral Consortium on Sociotechnical Issues in Biomedical Informatics at AMIA 2011.

Paper on Collaborative Privacy Practices was accepted for the Workshop on Health IT and Economics to be held in Washington, DC on Oct. 20-21.

Associate Editor, Health IT Track, Pacific Area Conference on Information Systems (PACIS 2012).

Member, Technical Program Committee. Pervasive Health 2012.

August 2011
Joined the Health Systems Journal as HCI area co-chair

July  2011
Joined the Editorial Board of the Health Informatics Journal

June 2011
Panel on "Dimensions of Handoff Communication and Documentation: Implications for Patient Safety" was accepted for AMIA 2011.

"SRCAST-Diagnosis: Understanding how Different members of a Patient-Care Team Interact with a Clinical Decision Support System" was accepted as a paper for AMIA 2011. (Co-author)

Chair, 2011 Doctoral Consortium on Sociotechnical Issues in BioMedical Informatics. The submission deadline is August 15, 2011.

Keynote Speaker, Third International Workshop on Infrastructures for healthcare: Global Healthcare. Copenhagen, Denmark. June 23-24.

Co-Chair,  Workshop on Interactive Systems in Healthcare (WISH 2011). The submission deadline is August 1.

April 2011
"The Use of Narratives in Medical Work: A Field Study of Physician-Patient Consultations" was accepted as a paper for ECSCW 2011.  (Co-author)

"Beyond Expertise Seeking: A Field Study of the Informatl Knowledge Practices of Healthcare IT Teams" was accepted for the JCSCW special issue on Management in Action. (Co-author)

March 2011
Co-organized CSCW 2011 Workshop on Collaborative Privacy Practices in Social Media held in Hagzhou China

Paper on Collaborative Privacy Practices was accepted for the CHI 2011 Workshop on "Privacy for a Networked World: Bridging Theory and Design"

Feb 2011
Stepped down as Graduate Programs Director

Appointed Chair, IST Faculty Council

Appointed Interim Graduate Advisor

Jan 2011
Co-PI on an awarded NSF Grant "I/UCRC for Center for Healthcare Organization Transfromation".

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