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Jim: This site contains personal and professional information including several academic research articles on web queries, click thruough analysis, and web searching.

Dr. Jim Jansen

Jansen, B. J., Liu, Z., and Simon, Z. (2013) The Effect of Ad Rank on Performance of Keyword Advertising Campaigns. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 64(10), 2115-2132.

Jansen, B. J., Booth, D. and Smith, B. (2009) Using the taxonomy of cognitive learning to model online searching. Information Processing & Management.45(6), 643-663.

Jansen, B. J., Moore, K., and Carman, S. (2013) Evaluating The Performance of Demographic Targeting Using Gender in Keyword Advertising. Information Processing & Management. 49(1), 286-302.

Jansen, B. J., Sobel, K., and Zhang, M. (2011) The Brand Effect of Key Phrases and Advertisements in Sponsored Search. International Journal of Electronic Commerce. 6(1), 77-106.

Jansen, B. J., Zhang, M, Sobel, K, and Chowdury, A (2009) Twitter Power: Tweets as Electronic Word of Mouth. Journal of the American Society for Information Sciences and Technology, 60(11), 2169–2188.

Jansen, B. J and Rieh, S. (2010) The Seventeen Theoretical Constructs of Information Searching and Information Retrieval. Journal of the American Society for Information Sciences and Technology. 61(8), 1517-1534.

Jansen, B. J., Spink, A., and Saracevic, T. 2000. Real life, real users, and real needs: A study and analysis of user queries on the web. Information Processing & Management. 36(2), 207-227.


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Wrapper - a freeware tool that tracks client-side interactions. The Wrapper is for noncommercial use in implementing user studies.

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IN THE NEWS: IST teams place in top 1 percent of Google Marketing Challenge

IN THE NEWS: Pew Internet Report: The civic and community engagement of religiously active Americans

IN THE NEWS: Understanding Sponsored Search: Core Elements of Keyword Advertising (check out Understanding Sponsored Search cover). Published by Cambridge University Press.

IN THE NEWS: Emerald Appoints Dr Jim Jansen of the Pennsylvania State University as Editor of Internet Research

IN THE NEWS: Pew Internet Report: 65% of internet users have paid for online content

IN THE NEWS: Pew Internet Report: Use of the internet in higher-income households

IN THE NEWS: Pew Internet Report: Online Product Research

IN THE NEWS Jim Jansen Selected as Senior Fellow, Pew Internet & American Life Project, Pew Research Center

IN THE NEWS: Marketing Nirvana Interview with Jim Jansen

IN THE NEWS: Results from survey of 54 professionals on The Future of Search

IN THE NEWS: Mark Cramer of Surf Canyon spoke to my entrepreneurship - technology course. Read about Mark Cramer's start-up talk here.

IN THE NEWS: Jason Calacanis's presentation to Penn State students

IN THE NEWS: Two research papers selected for the “Top Search Marketing and Social Media Research Projects of 2009.” Here’s the link to the post: WordStream selected research papers “Investigating Customer Click-Through Behavior with Integrated Sponsored and Nonsponsored Results” and "Twitter Power: Tweets as Electronic Word of Mouth" for inclusion on the list.

IN THE NEWS: Read about my radio interview, The Latest Search Engine Research that Every Marketer Needs to Know or listen here:

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IN THE NEWS: Students earn top honors in Google Online Marketing Challenge
Penn State had 3 teams place in the top 15 in the Google Online Marketing Challenge. Read the full story here and on my blog where I discuss the 2009 Google Online Marketing Challenge.

IN THE NEWS: Published a lecture note, Understanding User-Web Interactions via Web Analytics that covers the entire foudnational elements of Web analytics. Can get a quick overview on myu blog, where I write about the Web Analytics lecture.

IN THE NEWS: Had an really interesting interview with WordStream on Web searching. Got to talk about online advertising challenges, sponsored search, search engine brand effect, Twitter research, automated searching assistance, and the Google Online Marketing Challenge.

IN THE NEWS: No matter how good a search engine is, it sometimes is necessary to change the search terms to get the information you need. But what if you did not have to change the search terms yourself? What if the search engine could do that for you? See full story at and also on my blog where I discuss query reformulation

IN THE NEWS: Researchers predict click-through behavior in Web searches
Jim Jansen, associate professor of information sciences and technology, Penn State, and colleagues, developed a measurement to gauge customer satisfaction with search engine results. They hope this metric will aid companies in optimization and marketing. See the full story at

IN THE NEWS: IMPAQT sponsors Google challenge class
IMPAQT, a Pittsburgh-based search engine marketing firm, has given a $1,000 grant to students competing in the Google Online Marketing Challenge this year to support their work in the competition. The challenge is part of IST 402, a class in emerging technologies taught by Jim Jansen, assistant professor of information sciences and technology. The class brings together students from IST, business and communications and exemplifies the interdisciplinary mission of the College of IST. As part of the course and the Google-sponsored competition, students are creating keyword advertising campaigns for businesses. See the full story at

IN THE NEWQ: IST professor receives Schreyer research grant
College IST assistant professor Jim Jansen recently received a research grant from Penn State’s Schreyer Honors College for his course covering online marketing and advertising. See the full story at

IN THE NEWS: Ad click-through rate lower than previously thought
Jansen examined more than seven million interactions from hundreds of thousands of users to analyze the click-through patterns on both sponsored and non-sponsored links. Specifically studying the rate of clicks where the sponsored and non-sponsored ads are presented together, Jansen was investigating what effect this had on consumer behavior. See the full story at

IN THE NEWS: Penn State students among top winners in Google challenge
Students Daehee Park, Caroline Furey, Joe Lewis, Matt Maisel and Tonya Podkuiko were recently named winners in the Google Online Marketing Challenge for the online marketing campaign they created and executed for the State College, Pa. business See full story at

IN THE NEWS: IST researchers classify Web searches
Jim Jansen, assistant professor in Penn State's College of Information Sciences and Technology, worked with IST undergraduate Danielle Booth, as well as Amanda Spink of the Queensland University of Technology, to find that Web search engine users are doing primarily informational, navigational or transactional searching. See full story at

IN THE NEWS: IST, Communications and Business Team for Google Challenge
Students from IST, the College of Communications and the Smeal College of Business are teaming up for what might be the world’s largest academic competition. IST Assistant Professor Jim Jansen’s e-marketing class, IST 402 Emerging Issues in Technology, is among more than 20,000 students in 61 countries competing in the Google Online Marketing Challenge. See full story at

IN THE NEWS: Clicks on sponsored links lower than previously reported
The analysis is one of the first-ever academic studies of sponsored-link click through using actual search engine data, said Jim Jansen, an assistant professor in the College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) and lead author. For full story see

IN THE NEWS: Branding matters -- even when searching
"Given that there was no difference in the results, all of the search engines should have had the exact same score," said Jim Jansen, assistant professor and lead researcher. "Some emotional branding is having an effect here." For full story see

IN THE NEWS: Consumers suspicious of sponsored links
"Consumers have a bias against the links that businesses pay search engines to provide," said Jim Jansen, assistant professor in the Penn State School of Information Sciences and Technology (IST). "By themselves, sponsored links appear not to be a viable business model and should be only one part of an online advertising campaign. For full story see